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Accompanying investors in France

France is one of the top ten world economic powers and has many assets to attract foreign investors including a strategic location in central Western Europe, leading infrastructure and high quality public services, a skilled and productive workforce, a relatively stable and transparent legal framework and a diversified economy with a broad spectrum of stakeholders ranging from large multinationals to high tech startups (French tech).
In addition, many reforms have emerged in recent years with the aim of revitalizing the national economy and attracting foreign investors including the reduction of the number of administrative formalities for the establishment of foreign companies, more flexibility in the labor market, lowering some taxes in addition to access to the same subsidies as French companies (aid for productive investment, vocational training, job creation, etc.).
You want to invest in France, and/or set up a business without having to manage the social specificities, accounting and legal tax in France? You are a foreign investor, and you want to create or take over a company, whatever the field in France? You are a foreign company, and you want to open a subsidiary in France?
FATHI SAIDI’ firm assist you with your plans to set up your company in France providing you with a range of tailor-made services and in full compliance with the standards, laws, and practices of the local business world, and according to the highest standards of quality.

Thanks to our cosmopolitan team and our professional skills, we are able to meet the needs of foreign companies to:

  • Support for business creation:
    • Project study and business plan development
    • Participate in your research for funding and partners
    • Choice of the legal, fiscal and social status of the company
    • preparation of M0 and P0 forms, statutes and completion of the administrative formalities with the various bodies (INSEE, trade register, URSSAF, business tax service ...)
    • Writing minutes of general meetings
    • Search for suitable premises for your activities, drafting commercial lease contracts
    • Assist companies in the process of recruiting employees, especially by contacting you with recruitment agencies
    • Determination and implementation of management tools adapted to your activity
    • Support in the creation of WEB sites
  • Support in company acquisition: legal, tax and accounting audit of the company, drafting of documents ...
  • Support compliance with social obligations, accounting, and French tax: preparation of employment contracts, pay slips, social declarations, bookkeeping and preparation of tax returns and tax declarations....