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Transaction Management

Joining our Transaction Services team enables executives and shareholders to benefit from our support at every stage of their acquisition, partnership, JV, transfer or financing projects in France.
Our intervention will aim to make your strategic decisions more reliable, secure your operations and contribute to your future success.
Thanks to our accumulated experience, our team master the financial stakes and the context of these operations.
They analyze them in relation to your needs.
We offer a full range of services:

  • Project financing: define a research strategy and organize the presentation of your project to potential investors and lenders that you have identified
  • Buyer and seller due diligence: analyze key characteristics of the target, secure and optimize transactions for the purchase and sale through the identification of key areas of risks and/or opportunities be they financial, operational strategic, but also fiscal, legal and social
  • Assessment: we aim to help companies measure the value of their assets and make their strategic decisions more reliable, particularly in the context of corporate finance transactions (all operations intended to finance the assets or to organize a strategic refocusing by the sale of all or part of the company)
  • Post-acquisition integration: Successful takeover and integration of a new acquisition
  • Advisory: Advising companies and investment funds in drafting and in implementing the financial terms of contracts related to the transaction (acquisition, merger, transfer ...)
  • Support and generating operations: input, transformation, merger, demerger ... legal forms...

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